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In his Jul 1999 Business Standard article “Forecast for the 21st Century”, Vivek plotted a clear path that Sensex should follow during his life-time. While was trading at 4500, he clearly said, “The Sensex will cross 5545 … By the year 2025 it should reach 45000 …”. With Sensex moving exactly as plotted, dot-to-dot for the next eight years, the forecasting power of Wave Analysis was never highlighted so vehemently anytime before. 

Later, when the Index traded near 13000 levels, he showed a clear "Path to Sensex 20K", which also came through exactly as plotted. 

Now fully dedicated to education in Technical and Wave Analysis, Vivek provides educational material in report format on Daily & Weekly basis.                                            

Vivek predicted that Sensex’ 15580 will be the crucial level for ‘2009, and advised an audience of over 1000 to stay away from fresh investments. Sensex hit 15580 within a week thereafter, and lost 15% within 21 days. Many stocks lost 15 to 50% after Vivek's presentation.

Sensex tanked 12% within 6 days after Budget.